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Silica Gel & Orange Indicating Silica Gel 1 pound   

Library Supplies > Archival Products > Silica Gel & Orange Indicating Silica Gel 1 pound

Product Overview

Item No: F0344A
Price: $72.74


Silica Gel is a porous, granular, chemically inert amorphous silica with a high absorbancy capacity. As a desiccant, standard grades of silica can absorb 40% of their own weight of water. Because no visible physical change occurs when standard silica gel becomes saturated, we also offer blue silica gel which changes from orange to clear when saturated. Use alone, or add a 10% mix to standard gel. Both can be reconditioned by heating for 3 hours at 300 F. 1 pound = 16 ounces

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