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  Push Pins - Assorted colours. Box of 100 (F64225) $2.76 QTY 
  Mastic de fixation Fun-Tak® (F64205) $6.59 QTY 
  Tape Gun for sealing boxes (F64189) Dispenser (Tape Gun) : Ideal for sealing boxes. $12.59 QTY 
  Transparent tape for sealing boxes (2") 48mm x 132m (F30870Z) Transparent tape 2" for sealing boxes. 48 mm x 132 m $4.25 QTY 
  Olfa® Utility Knife (F61170) $11.95 QTY 
  Olfa® Replacement Blades (10 pkg) (F61171) $8.96 /Pkg of 10 QTY 
  Olfa® Knife with 2 snap off blades (F61165) $5.99 QTY 
  de X-ACTO® Replacement Blades (pkg 10) (F61166) $8.25 /5 QTY 
  Non stick Titanium™ de Westcott® Scissors (F61160) $18.45 QTY 
  8" scissors Red (F61163) $4.99 QTY 
  Swingline® Long Arm Stapler (F48208) $45.84 QTY 
  Product Price  
Swingline® standard Staples (box 5000) (F48209)  $3.28 each
  Basics® Stapler (F48205) $8.24 QTY 
  Basics® Standard Staples (Box of 5000) (F48206) $2.99 QTY 
  Pinch type stapler remover (F48207) $2.79 QTY 
  Heavy duty Stapler Rapid® (F48215) Rugged construction with a comfort grip for easy stapling Uses 3/8" and 1/2" long leg staples. Contains 100% post-consumer recycled plastic.Staples up to 80 she... $37.99 QTY 
27 items found
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