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Product Overview



Art-Sorb is a moisture-sensitive silica material which absorbs and desorbs moisture in order to offset changes in external relative humidity. It provides over 5 times the moisture buffering capacity of regular density silica gel, and is even more efficient at higher relative humidities. Art-Sorb is available in three versions, each preconditioned at 50% R.H.

Beads: Place in display cases in shallow trays, around the perimeter of the case, or in a drawer. Use approximately 1-2 pounds per cubic meter (multiply cubic feet by 0.02832 to get cubic meters)

Sheet type: a non-woven sheet of archival polyethylene/polypropylene fibers is impregnated with fine particles of Art-Sorb. It can be used to line the sides, bottom, or top of a display case, or placed in a frame. Sheets can be cut to size. About 5-10 sheets should be used for each cubic meter.

Cassettes: Art-Sorb beads are encased in a convenient, non-woven polyethylene/polypropylene package that is supported by a fiber cassette. One cassette is sufficient for humidity control of one cubic meter of space.

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  Product Price  
Art-Sorb (Beads) 800gr (F030016)  $111.00 each
Art-Sorb in Sheets -100 gr (F031919)  $71.73 each
Art-Sorb Full cassette-750gr (F031134)  $194.00 each
Art-Sorb Half cassette-400gr (F031454)  $170.00 each
Art Sorb Technical Information Brochure (F031000)  $0.00 each
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